Thursday, 4 August 2011

We hit Timberland's Power Camp at Camp Bestival

Last weekend we were the very lucky guests of Timberland at Camp Bestival in Dorset where we spent most of the time lounging around on the very comfy bean bags on the upper ‘deck’ of the Timberland Power Camp stand which had pride of place right in front of the main stage.

Timberland Power Camp is a construction made entirely of recycled wood from shipping containers and rubber from old tyres, designed to show to the public what the brand is doing for the environment.

As a brand whose products are all designed for the outdoors, their ethos is about protecting the environment and making products in a responsible manner. The footwear is made entirely with this ethos in mind, with the soles made from 40% recycled rubber and the lining from old plastic bottles.

We were very kindly given some Timberlands to wear during the festival, and we can safely say that they are some of the comfiest footwear we have ever worn. I know that Sarah (our fashion editor) will be wearing her Timberland sandals when she is running about London!

As well as lounging on the bean bags we did have a go at blending our own smoothies at the Power Camp, not by hand, but by powering the blender on an exercise bike. Although it sounds a bit bizarre it was the perfect way to educate the children at Camp Bestival about renewable energy and how much energy it takes just to make a smoothie. It did seem worth it in the end as my passion fruit smoothie went down very well in the heat.

For children with an abundance of energy, and not lazy journalists like us, there was the opportunity to have a go at running on the log rolls for 6 minutes which made enough energy to power a kettle. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate were all on the menu for those who had the stamina.

The Power Camp was a brilliant, interactive and informative way of showing the younger generation the importance of renewable energy and at the same time showing that Timberland are as much about protecting the environment as they are about the famous yellow boot.

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