Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Big Audition

Last night we went down to the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho to watch an intimate gig with Jamie Cullum to celebrate the launch of The Big Audition.

The Big Audition is an opportunity for budding musicians to get their big break into the music industry with the winner getting a master class from Jamie Cullum himself, the opportunity to perform at the Pizza Express Jazz Club, and a £5000 prize to kick start their career.

During the gig, fans could Tweet in their song requests which ranged from The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army to Stephen Sondheim’s musical classic, ‘Not while I’m around,’ Those who were not Cullum fans at the beginning of the night were certainly converted after his off the cuff set. Seemingly Jamie can play literally anything without even knowing the song, (although he did sing the same verse of The White Stripes three times, which just meant we could all sing along!) The most touching part of the evening was Jamie’s tribute to Amy Winehouse, who also started her career at the jazz club. He played his own version of Amy’s song, ‘Love is a Losing Game,’ before pointing out where Amy had scribbled on the wall in the dressing room.

The founder of Pizza Express, Peter Boizot is a huge music fan and set up the jazz club so people could enjoy music while they ate- ingenious! The venue itself always has an amazing line up of people playing, from new up and coming acts, to the old cronies so is well worth a visit.

The competition is not just open to jazz musicians, it is for anyone who wants to try and get their name out there into the world of music. To enter, upload a clip of yourself playing/singing to and Jamie and the team will judge the best of the bunch.

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